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Why Lovell Hockey?

By Lovell Hockey, 03/06/18, 3:00PM EST


Why Lovell Hockey???

Lovell Hockey showing continued success in the hockey world.  Here are some of the reasons the best skilled-based program in New England continues to grow.

U18 Full Season:  ECEL U18 Champions, U18 Division 2017/2018

U15 Full Season:  ECEL U16 Champions, U16 Division 2017/2018

               2017/2018 Massachusetts Stat Champions

               2017/2018 T1EHL Finalist

E9 Champions:  2007 Boston Advantage, 2008 Boston Advantage

E9 Finalists:  2006 Boston Advantage, 2003 Middlesex Icemen

E9 American North Finalists:  2007 95 Giants

E9 American South Champions:  2003 Boston Advantage

BHL National North Champions:  2003 95 Giants

BHL American Champions:  2006 New England Knights, 2008 95 Giants

BHL American Finalists:  2004 Boston Advantage, 2005 Middlesex Icemen

BHL American South Champions:  2007 Middlesex Icemen

BHL National Finalists:  2005 Boston Advantage